The Ssese Principles: Guidelines For Creating Wealth Through Faith


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Service and serving has been a major building block of the life and career of Robert L. Wallace. As a child growing up in the Southern Baptist Church and later in the Seventh Day Adventist Church, Bob has committed himself and his resources to humanitarian and mission projects around the world. In recent years, he has focused intensely on the East Africa region and in particular, the Ssese Islands of Lake Victoria. Responding to the need for economic development and wealth creation opportunities within a spiritual framework became a challenge. To some, creating wealth seems an oxymoron when juxtaposed with the idea of faith and religion, but Bob has developed usable tips and anecdotes for how wealth creation can be a fruitful journey through God’s kingdom. In this exciting book on business and personal finance, Wallace explores the many ways wealth and faith can co-exist in a healthy and fulfilling manner. The Ssese Principles was designed to be a quick and enjoyable read. This is especially important for today’s busy entrepreneurs and business executives. Yet, it is very informative, thoughtful, and refreshingly inspiring for those looking to create wealth in a faith-based and spiritual manner. It encourages people to use the Bible and its God inspired spiritual teachings as a springboard for success. Wallace believes that readers will be able to create and build wealth in a way that will enhance the quality of life on a personal as well as global level.

ISBN 1-4208-0342-5 Hardcopy
ISBN 1-4208-0341-7 Softcopy
ISBN 1-4208-0343-3 ebook
Published: 2/2006 by Authorhouse