Booking FAQ

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. How much does it cost to hire Robert Wallace as a speaker or consultant?

A. Bob does not publish his speaking or consulting fees online, because he works closely with every potential client to customize an agreement that meets their specific needs. His fees may vary, depending upon scope of work, your location, the length of the presentation or the duration of the consulting partnership.

If you would like a customized quote for Bob’s services, please fill out his booking form or call 888-676-6080 or email to learn more.

Q. What audio-visual equipment does Robert Wallace require?

A. For speaking engagements, Bob prefers to use a hands-free microphone, with a sound system and speakers appropriate for the size of the room. Access to a LCD projector and/or projection screen with either HDMI or VGA connection to show PowerPoint or Apple Keynote presentations is also needed.

However, Bob has also spoken to classrooms full of disadvantaged entrepreneurs in third-world countries without access to any technology. Bob and his team will discuss all the logistical details with you before your event, and provide a list of requirements tailored to your specific needs. I have questions about this sentence but would need to get Bob’s thoughts first.

Q. How far in advance should I book Robert Wallace to speak at my event?

A. To prevent scheduling conflicts, clients typically book Bob at least 3-6 months before an event. However, he and his team are willing to consider shorter-term requests to the best of their ability. For scheduling questions, please reach out via the Booking Form to see if personalized accommodations can be arranged

To book Bob, you’ll pay a non-refundable deposit that will reserve your event date on his calendar. If you cancel your event, you’ll forfeit that deposit.

If you cancel your event within 30 days of the scheduled date, you’ll be charged the entire fee and any travel expenses already incurred.

Q. How much time will Robert Wallace spend with our organization?

A. Ultimately, it depends on the details of your service agreement with Bob. This question will be answered in detail in your contract, so you’ll know what to expect – and you’ll feel confident that Bob is on your side.

Whether you hire him as a keynote speaker, a consultant, a workshop facilitator, or a panel moderator, Bob will take time to get to your organization before your event or engagement begins. He wants to learn:

  • What challenges, opportunities, or special circumstances is your organization facing right now?
  • What is the underlying purpose of your event?
  • What expectations will attendees bring to this event?
  • What do you want attendees to know, think, or feel after this event?

These upfront conversations help him tailor his message to be relevant to your audience and your objectives.

Q. How far will Robert Wallace travel?

A. Around the world, and back again. From his home base in Baltimore, Bob has traveled both domestically and internationally to speak with entrepreneurs and emerging leaders across the globe. Regardless of where you’re located or where you’d like to see Bob speak, fill out his booking form to get started.