“Robert Wallace is an exceptional entrepreneur who has succeeded against the odds. As a businessman and civic leader he has inspired great change in the city and the state.”

Kurt Schmoke

Former Mayor of Baltimore
Current President of University of Baltimore

“Entrepreneurs are needed in America now more than ever — but there’s a big difference between starting a company and leading one. Bob has figured out the recipe for doing both things at once. He continues to demystify what it takes to succeed, and it’s exactly why he’s now sitting on our board, helping others do the same.”

Watchen Bruce

CEO and President
Baltimore Community Lending

“My husband and I are convinced that our business, and even our exposure to life’s extraordinary opportunities, would not have been possible without Bob’s consistent guidance. He spent just a short time reviewing how our business was run and walked me through a different plan. This changed the trajectory of my life and allowed our business to thrive.”

Lois Peters

Serial Entrepreneur

“If you want somebody to connect to your audience, to understand what’s relevant in the marketplace today, to help educate and engage, then he’s the person.”

Sharon R. Pinder

President and CEO
Capital Region Minority Supplier Development Council

“He’s creative. He comes up with innovative, customized solutions to problems at a time when there are a lot of cookie cutter technology companies.”

James T. Brady

Former Secretary of Maryland Department of Commerce

“Bob keeps you on the edge of your seat, wanting more. Truly captivating!”

Matt Greene

Senior Manager – Supplier Diversity
Purchasing Supplier Development
Toyota Motor North America