Let God be God: Using God’s Disruptive Power to Change Your Life and the World


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In today’s tumultuous times there are many who readily accept mediocrity, unaware that they possess powers, which if summoned into action, would raise them to elevate the world’s most honored and successful beings. By letting God be God, one touch of God’s favor is all that is necessary to arouse those dormant faculties. How different would the world be if people figured out how to tap into God’s infinite storehouse of power and then allowed that power to manifest itself through their daily lives? Robert L. Wallace, a successful author, entrepreneur, business consultant and ordained Church Elder, shares how the power of God can be activated in anyone’s life to do wonderful and amazing things. Utilizing a Bible-based success methodology, Wallace shares the tenets and provides a step- by-step approach on how to leverage God’s power to not only change individual lives but to in fact, change the world.

ISBN: 978-0-99886377-2-3 Hardcover
Published: 2021 Entreteach Publishing Company

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Hardcover: ISBN: 9798823145909
Paperback: ISBN: 9798823147675