Global Entrepreneurship: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

In 2018, Robert L. Wallace embarked on a six-month sabbatical from his businesses to sail around the world to experience global entrepreneurship on an intimate and local level. Not content to just study this emerging dynamic from afar, he chose instead to observe it up close and in the trenches of the world’s embryonic, emerging, and established entrepreneurial pockets. He quickly learned that in conjunction with the Gig Economy, the concept of global entrepreneurship has taken the world by storm. Never before in human history has the planet seen the dramatic and rapid expansion of entrepreneurship on a global level. This viral Coming Soon explosion of entrepreneurial energy has touched all 7 billion plus people on the planet – from the lowest levels of the socio-economic ladder to the highest. It is active in all 197 countries on the planet, to varying degrees, and is transforming the quality of life for all who dare to engage. While the emergence of global entrepreneurship does create new challenges for western businesses, it is concurrently opening up wonderful opportunities for global collaboration.