Robert Wallace is an Author, Speaker, Consultant & Politician who’s giving back.

Baltimore, Dec. 1st, 2020 Robert L. “Bob” Wallace announces the launch of his newest entrepreneur coaching program. The eMentorship Program, which is fully online and virtual aims to help aspiring business owners avoid common pitfalls of entrepreneurship with direct, unfettered access to Wallace, who is an internationally acclaimed keynote speaker, consultant, and published author on the subjects of Black and minority entrepreneurship, wealth creation, strategic partnerships, emerging markets. Mr. Wallace has been coaching corporate leaders for over 30 years and more recently also became the first Independent mayoral candidate in Baltimore City history to secure a spot on the Mayoral ballot. From his origins as a Mechanical Engineer from The University of Pennsylvania and MBA recipient from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, Robert has amassed over 40 years of entrepreneurial experience and has written five bestselling books. Beginning with the successes of his IT consulting companies Bithgroup Technologies, founded in 1992, his commercial solar entity, Bithenergy, and the entrepreneurial digital learning resource,, Bob has emerged an expert in Small Business Development and Organizational optimization, consulting and leading training workshops for clients ranging from prestigious education institutions like Amherst College and Dartmouth College to major corporations like Toyota and the US Department of Treasury. Wallace has spoken in over 14 countries and partnered with dozens of Entrepreneurship and minority business organizations and nonprofits around the world.

On top of being a prolific business owner for decades, Wallace is also an active member on many boards including the University of Maryland, The Kennedy Krieger Institute, and the Maryland Economic Development Commission. Now, because of his dream to help thousands more men and women of color achieve their entrepreneurial dreams, and in response to COVID and in-person training limitations, Robert Wallace formally launches his first-ever eMentorship program to teach under-represented entrepreneurs. The fully online coaching program starts with a 100% free option wherein Mr. Wallace sends weekly guidance, advice, and video lessons to email subscribers in his private eMentorship program. Wallace will also hold regular private, open office hours for free program members as well, and so for the first time ever, young entrepreneurs will get direct, unfettered access to someone that they can truly learn from, someone who’s done this before. Every person who signs up for Bob’s free email-based eMentorship program will get hands-on guidance and direct lessons from Bob’s 40+ year business acumen.

The program is open to entrepreneurs all over the world with sessions available in person (when safe) and for the foreseeable future only via Skype and Google Hangout. Wallace is thrilled to be able to scale his ability to meet with more entrepreneurs and help more companies. Saying “ I have spent over 40 years in business as both an Engineer and an Entrepreneur so I truly know how to navigate the problems associated with starting a business. I can’t always be available in person, so this eMentorship program gives me the chance to help more entrepreneurs reach their true potential, and I am excited to share my experience with people in this program”

Beyond the free, email-based weekly eMentorship program, Mr. Wallace promises that a select number of high-potential entrepreneurs in his eMentorship program will be selected for further mentorship options including a one-on-one mentor program, private team workshops, and even deeper consulting from Bob himself. During the 100% virtual program, mentees in even the paid programs will also have a chance to learn together on shared webinars outside of Bob’s regular office hours, as well as direct meetings 1-1 with Bob when necessary.

Mr. Wallace is excited to throw his hat in the ring to help the next generation of leaders but will also continue to provide public speaking, technology consulting and other corporate services as well. Bob, as he’s affectionately known is also returning to public speaking, and B2B corporate consulting again after a successful run becoming the first mayoral candidate in history to make it to the ballot in Baltimore as an independent. Whether you’re an executive facing a new competitive landscape, or an employee with “intrapreneurial” potential, targeted coaching from a seasoned advisor can unleash your leadership capabilities. Through executive coaching, consulting, and corporate team training, Robert Wallace helps clients navigate organizational challenges to capture new levels of growth. His practical advice and strategic guidance equip clients with leadership best practices that are backed by research and proven by Bob’s real-world experience. Bob’s coaching and consulting services are tailored to meet each client’s objectives, which ensures that his approach will be relevant to your unique situation. By pushing beyond conventional corporate pep talks, Bob drives profound changes that can transform your perspective and accelerate your performance.

Discover more about Bob’s coaching services, watch a demo video of him in action, and read client testimonials to see how he can help your organization break through to new heights.

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Media Contact: Andrew Lee Miller +1-415-484-2491