In this episode, Jamal and Don discuss Mr. Wallace’s past, how he achieved this “entrepreneur” mindset, the immigrant advantage, and why he pays kids to read books. They also go into his recent campaign to run for the mayor of Baltimore, as well as his current passion to help people achieve more.

From his website:

Growing up in the Baltimore projects amidst poverty and racial segregation, Bob overcame social and economic obstacles through his own rags-to-riches story to become a successful serial entrepreneur. After being groomed by innovative industry leaders like IBM, DuPont and Procter & Gamble, Bob leveraged his experience to establish three companies: BITHGROUP Technologies Inc., a cybersecurity and IT services provider; Bithenergy, Inc., an energy services and technology company; and Robert Wallace Media, which includes and EntreTeach Learning Systems LLC.

You can find more information and also his books at: