I always feel an extreme sense of fulfillment and pride in the work that I’ve been able to do in the city of Baltimore through the Greater Baltimore Committee and more recently, Baltimore Women’s Advisory Board.

Last week, I participated in a panel curated for female entrepreneurs within the city of Baltimore. During this discussion, myself along with other top executives in the city discussed our perspectives, experiences and best practices in cultivating a diverse and inclusive company culture.

In this day and age, this topic is extremely important and relevant for entrepreneurs and executives across all industries. Having the opportunity to speak to it in the context of female businesses owners within our great city of Baltimore is a step in the right direction in our pursuit towards cultivating and maintaining the entrepreneurial and economic development in the city.

Where does your organization stand in its current Diversity & Inclusion initiatives? Is this a space where you could use some additional help? Please feel free to reach out and we can speak further.