Everyone is talking about entrepreneurship these days. In fact, one could argue that it has become somewhat of a buzzword; an idea synonymous with an individual’s ability to innovate, create, and adapt. While not everyone is predestined to find their life calling in the startup world, applying some of the core entrepreneurial principles that propel these lean teams to success can be the difference between good and great within your organization.

Last week, I led a training for the Department of Treasury on Intrapreneurial Leadership. Intrapreneurship, or an emphasis on employees of a company cultivating and maintaining many of the key attributes of entrepreneurs, is a module that we train (employees) on within organizations around the world. Here are the top 4 benefits of building an Intrapreneurial team and learning to lead through disruption.

4 Benefits of Learning to Lead Through Disruption

1.    Lead through your knowledge of the disruptive dynamics of our local and global economy.

Remember, you don’t have to be first; being the best is good enough. If you can CREATE value in a space that didn’t even exist before, then you’ve really got something.

2.    Understand the “Cycle of Capital” and how an intrapreneurially oriented leader can use this knowledge to lay groundwork for the future.

3.    Recognize the power, opportunity, and risk of disruption in your industry.

Recognition is the method of the expert. Expertise is developed through repeated exposure to information, patterns, and experiences over time.

4.    Learn methodology to help you to identify potential disrupters to your industry and turn them into business opportunities.

I.e., Radical Innovation: An invention that destroys or supplants an existing business model. Radical Innovation blows up the existing system or process and replaces it with something new.

Do any of these benefits sound like areas in which your team could use a boost? Let’s talk!

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